My brother will 100% make sure I’m put on a list for that

I want to make ALLAH ACKBAR GOD IS GREAT my next tweet but I will 100% be put on a list for that

The redskins training camp can eat my whole dique and balls

Contract painting van I passed says ALLAH ACKBAR GOD IS GREAT on the back that’s so cool


im listening to texas hippie coalition right now

i was into it for like 5 seconds in like 2011 and then it came to my attention that tr00 stoner metal fans hate them so then i instantly went “NAH THIS IS SHIT i think”

this is ignorant as shit tho i love it its so fucking dumb the frontman is the fucking funniest thing ever he thinks hes so badass and does like the hair flip and the sexy wink and shit but he is just this big silly ol rolly-polly fella he is precious

They opened for Danzig and it was kinda just like seeing your redneck uncle bust out and be a rock star at open mic night and it wasn’t awful it was just kinda sad to watch

I’m sitting on the floor of my empty apartment going ham sammich with some cran-grape juice